Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jesus, not ANOTHER blog about politics?!?

Uhhhh....sure! Why not?

My new blog Connecticut Bob (spelled "ctbob.blogspot.com") is now online. This way I'll be able to post all that political stuff over there, and keep this blog available for whatever stuff I usually put here.

I've also copied all the political blog entries from here, so you can go to CTBob for all the old posts. Starting tomorrow, I'll try to post something there nearly every day.

Check it out and leave a comment. And of course, "Let's Go Ned!"


ByronB said...

Um ... I just fed edward lamont through the anagramiser. Oh, well, could be worse, I suppose.

CT Bob said...

yes, I saw that one too, but he goes by "Ned"...I thought the one for "Ned Lamont" was better, especially if you arranged the words and add a comma for the best interpretation:

"Net, Old Man!"

Which means, he is telling Lieberman that the InterNET will help Ned win and beat the Old Man. See? It makes perfect sense!

Of course.

ByronB said...

Joseph Lieberman? The Jam Heroine's Pleb? (snigger!) It'll be a walkover.