Saturday, April 30, 2005

"The Phantom Attack of the Clone Menace"

Today was a rare "down-time" day...there's nothing that needs doing today regarding Monday's shoot. Plus, it's raining and miserable outside, so we're just hanging out home. Which is nice do to once in a while. When we get a chance.

Joyce and I have been watching Episode's I and II of the Star Wars saga this week, in preparation of seeing "Revenge of the Sith" sometime soon. We saw "The Phantom Menace" Wednesday night, and today we watched "Attack of the Clones".

What struck me about the basic plot of the continuing story is that a lot of problems could have been avoided if people just sat down and talked, rather than immediately going to war to get their way. Now, I'm not a huge fan of the series, but I enjoy watching the movies. I'm sure there are super-nerds out there who will defend the necessity of galactic war to solve these problems, but I just can't help but draw some very interesting parallels here.

Director Kevin Smith raved about "The Revenge of the Sith" in his blog, and he's a big Star Wars fan. Not only that, but he was fairly critical of the last two installments, which is rare when you live and work in the Hollywood movie business; his frankness about those movies lead me to believe it when he says that the new one is gonna be great! He did say it's dark, like a thousand times darker than "The Empire Strikes Back"...if that's true, it'll be awesome! (And NO EWOKS allowed!)

Oh, I actually DID do one thing today that's related to our shoot; one of our scenes involves an empty cardboard toilet paper roll as a prop (you can tell already what a class movie this obviously will be), and as fate would have it, TWO became available today. One through regular biological needs (again with the classiness), and the other (in the downstairs W.C.) because it was down to maybe 30 sheets, which I spun off the roll and used to clean the mirror. Yeah, I'm sure I could have done the job with four or five sheets, but I figured this way I wasn't REALLY wasting it.

Hmmm...we ARE going out for Mexican food tonight; maybe I should have saved some of it for later!

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