Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Postponed due to illness...really

Last night we were supposed to do a test taping at the studio for Lori's music video. But nature, in the form of a stomach virus, had different plans.

Lori called me Monday morning, and said she had a touch of the flu and didn't want to get us sick. Then, when I called Anthony, he said he needed to skip the taping because his wife was sick and he was taking her to the doctor. I told him it was already cancelled, so not to worry.

Then as the day went on, I started feeling crappy. Then, more and more crappy. I came home around 3PM, and by 6PM I'd given up on trying to feel better and went to bed. Today, I felt even more nauseous, but I didn't puke.


Hopefully another night's rest will put me right. I hate getting sick just when the weather is finally getting nice. We'll reschedule the studio time for next week if possible.

Oh well...if you didn't get sick once in a while, you couldn't appreciate how good it feels when you're healthy.


ByronB said...

If you also feel a sudden urge to start wearing a DJ , then I suspect it's the well-known Penguin Virus, contracted by watching March of the Penguins.

Gaz said...

It's not bird flue is it?
Try drinking half a bottle of whisky before you go to bed for medicinal reasons only?

CT Bob said...

Bryon, I thought for a while that I was going to be feeding the penguins (see comic from previous entry), but I feel better now. I even ate a huge Mexican dinner last night (and washed it down with three Dos Equiis beers), so I'm obviously cured.

I don't know if cutting back on my daily dose of whiskey would help much, Gazza...I'm already down to a single bottle a night.

Christ, I might have to get another job to pay for my scotch and cigars.