Thursday, February 10, 2005

Got the camera for the weekend!

I reserved the Panasonic GS-70 for this weekend...I can pick it up Friday after five, and have to return it on Monday by 10AM.

Anthony and I were going to do some test shooting Friday night, but I just got free tix to the Bridgeport Sound Tigers hockey game from my previous boss E.J., so I'm just gonna pick up the camera and go right to the game, since the arena's only about three blocks away from the studio.

Probably on Saturday we'll go and do some shooting with the camera, and maybe edit on my PC using Pinnacle.

We also are going to do a walk-through of our scripts and block the shots we need for our short, then we'll make up a shot list so we can shoot it quickly and efficiently. I'm also thinking about maybe acting in this thing, since we don't know any actors yet and I'm a little intimidated looking for real actors when we haven't shot anything yet. I'll talk to Anthony about it and see what he thinks, and maybe this weekend we can do a screen test and see if I have any talent for acting at all.

It's doubtful.

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