Saturday, February 12, 2005

My first official credit!

Yesterday was a slow work day, so I thought I'd go down to the studio and watch them produce their live weekly talk show, "Niki at Noon" (Noon and Midnight, Fridays, Cablevision Southern Connecticut channel 77). John Ecay, the producer and also Soundview's Director of Technology, invited me down. He's the guy who showed me how to use the lighting board in the studio and also explained chroma-key lighting to me.

I got down there while they were setting up. John asked if I wanted to help, and of course I said "Sure!", so he put me on Camera 2 and showed me how to use the controls. It was fun learning how to work the studio camera LIVE, and try to hit the correct buttons while listening to the director through the headset and also try to follow what was happening on the stage in front of me.

Niki's a cool gal, and after the show was over she invited me on her show to discuss my short film when it's ready to be shown. I taped the episode when it was rebroadcast at midnight, and sure enough there at the end of the show my name appeared in the credits under "Cameras". I even took a picture of it with my digital camera; hey, it's a real credit, no matter how insignificant my role was!

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Nicklaus Louis said...

Hey man, that first one always sticks out. My first was as Boom Op and Additional Crew on a student feature. I sweated my butt off for two weeks on that thing, but it was cool because as boom op, I was right in the thick of everything. I should have also been credited as Continuity Supervisor because I always had to remind the actors that they were wearing the wrong shoes or that they had a rock in their hand in the previous shot.