Thursday, February 17, 2005

It just keeps getting more gooder!

Wow, today was another productive day!

I met with Paula today over coffee, and we discussed both her projects and mine. She's going to pitch her script to Miramax next weekend at World Pitch in NYC. She's very excited about it, and a bit nervous, too! Good luck Paulina; we're all rooting for ya!

We also talked about my script "No Talking Aloud", which we'll shoot as soon as the weather turns warm, like in mid-May perhaps. The entire movie is on location outdoors, so we'll need a nice Spring day to shoot it. I'm also thinking about something I can write that'll take advantage of her multiple talents. I'm thinking of a "Spanglish"-style short maybe, with a little Italian language thrown in, and perhaps some salsa dancing. Yeah, that'll be a piece o' cake!

Tomorrow I pick up the camera for a long weekend of videoing. I'm going to shoot more Frostbiter's action on Sunday, and I'll have the camera for the auditions on Monday. Saturday I don't know what I'll shoot, but I'm sure I'll come up with something...knowing me, it'll be strange and fun!

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