Wednesday, February 16, 2005

"Swing 39"

Yesterday I got a call from my friend Lori, who's producing a cooking show called "Grandma's Kitchen". She's been working on editing her finished episodes to time out at exactly 29 minutes each, because we're going to submit the show to cable access TV, and they want that exact length for broadcast. She wanted live songs to fill in the show.

So she arranged for a band to play in her living room, and along with a bunch of her friends there we taped a little concert. "Swing 39" is their name, and they play a bunch of bebop-jazz-swing tunes. Any band that has a stand up bass is alright in my book. They kicked it, daddy-o! Check them out here (photos and mp3s):

What was originally a last-minute request from a friend to help with the camera turned into a full-fledged lighting, directing, and DP gig! (Pssst, Lori...I better get an exec-producer credit at the very least!) With plenty of beer and good New Haven-style pizza, it turned into a fun party. And I got to use my chinese lanterns...along with a little cheapo scoop bounced off the ceiling, the lighting was amazingly good for a last minute gig.

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