Monday, March 28, 2005

Putting together the storyboards

Here I am, having fun on a rainy Monday morning, clipping and pasting my little digital pictures into the storyboards for "Death Knocks". Tonight Anthony and I are meeting at the studio for a production meeting. Here's a little insight on what goes on at a production meeting; these are things we're going to cover tonight:

1. review storyboards
2. discuss shot lists and revise as needed
3. take additional digital photos for revised storyboards
4. work out lighting schemes for the set
5. discuss actors for Tuesday's auditions

The author under the influence

6. make up tentative shooting schedule
7. finalize costumes
8. plan catering for cast and crew
9. cover anything else we haven't gotten to yet
10. discuss what we'll do when everything goes wrong

I dunno...I think the fumes from the glue stick are beginning to affect me; I'm starting to believe that we're actually going to get this thing done.

Like, soon!

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