Monday, March 21, 2005

"You Are Alone"...the movie

There is quite an active filmmaking community in the New Haven/Bridgeport area, and this is a project that deserves notice.

Gorman Bechard wrote and directed "You Are Alone", a tale of alienation and loneliness, currently in post production. You can go to the website by clicking on

Jessica Bohl in "You Are Alone"

I'm looking forward to seeing this flick. Judging from the synopsis, it'll be extremely compelling. And looking at the soundtrack listing, it's gonna have a lot of musical depth.

Already Gorman Bechard is in pre-production on "The Second Greatest Story Ever Told", based on his book about Christ returning to us in present day, only this time as a rebellious young woman. We can only guess what happens to her.

I admire Gorman's willingness to take on subjects that are controversial and thought-provoking. There's way too many "safe" movies coming out of Hollywood these days; it's up to independent cinema to take these chances and push the creative envelope right to the edge. I find it really inspiring.

Maybe I'll take on something controversial for my next screenplay; that's the one I'm gonna write and shoot after I film this current one and the next two I've written and really want to shoot.

...damn, why aren't there more hours in the day? This lousy 24-hours-only per day shit AIN'T cutting it!


Cherry Moon said...

I agree!!! The 24 hour rule needs to be disgarded. It's not like I sleep anyway!

BTW: My blog is back up and running ;)

CT Bob said...

Cherry, I'm glad to hear your blog is back up! Sorry about the problems you've been having (whatever they were), but that's the 'net for you.

Yeah, sleep is overrated...some people love to sleep ( wife), but to me it's just time wasted when I can be doing something useful, like living life or surfing the 'net.

Cherry Moon said...

I feel sick and tired if I've slept for over 5 hours. That's all I need.. and I'm busy busy busy for the rest of the day.