Thursday, February 10, 2005

What's wrong with this stupid blog?

Okay, I'm trying to figure out why apparently decided to ignore my blog...I mean, I just spent an hour clicking on the "Next Blog>>>" button to see how long it would take for my blog to show up.

After seeing several blogs come up three or four times without mine EVER coming up not even once, I came to suspect that must HATE me. No wonder I'm not getting any traffic.

Here's some blogs that came up two or more times, while mine didn't come up once:

"Mind Fidgets" (music fan site)
"????" (it's a Chinese blog and the letters won't display on my AMERICAN COMPUTER!!!)
"accounting" (it's as exciting as it sounds!)
"The NBA Source" (it fucking came up TWICE in THREE clicks!)
"Party Poker Blogs" (poker blog...who cares?)
"Stella's Story" (kill me now)
"Sunset Igloo" (I dunno...something commercial, I think)
"Red Pill News" (nothing at all...I guess no news is good news)
"coursPPA1114pMD" (I have no idea what this is, it's in some kind of foreign language...looks French to me)
"Raed in the Middle" (he's an Iraqi "Malcolm" apparently)
"Mitch" (boring)
"mquest" (ditto)
"MyCorna" (no messages at all!)
"FutureDV" (lost in fucking space, apparently)

Christ, they even have shitty one message blogs from years ago come up before mine does; and I update this stupid thing faithfully. Is there ANYONE AT ALL reading this stupid thing?


Francis said...

Hi, I press next blog and your blog appear, so you are here and I am reading, see you

David (Snappy) said...

i have just read it.makes a change to see an english language blog,my blog is nursing violins and life,keep it up

Nicklaus Louis said...

I know the feeling. I have clicked the next blog so many times in my short time with blogger, and never once have I gotten my own blog. I chalk it up to a) there are so many bloggers, and b) they might have some kind of smartware that recognizes your IP, thus not boring you with your own blog.