Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FITP: Day 13

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"Welcome to Hogwarts!"

There's something about the brick walls and all those gothic lanterns hanging around the Law school lobby that reminds me of a Harry Potter movie. If the staircases start moving around on their own, I'm outta here!

Which was the setting for another morning of learning the boom mics various patterns and techniques to provide the optimum sound coverage.

John holds the boom while Chat talks on his phone. The mic was sensitive enough for us to hear both sides of the conversation through our headphones. Sneaky!

Chat hides a lavaliere mic in Daniel's tie. The mic was pushed up into the knot to make it invisible to the camera, but the sound was still good.

Chat wears my hat with a lavaliere mic taped into it.

The little red circle at the top shows the edge of the tiny mic in the hat. It turns out that this is pretty much perfect for the mic.

After we practiced outside for a few hours, we were assembled and listened to director Richard Dobbs talk about the film business and the shoot we have coming up next week. It was nearly the end of the regular day, but we hung out for a bit because it was Marty Lang's birthday! And we got cake!

Then we gathered back up in our classroom for a special after-hours session about soldering connectors on cables! I brought my tools, including a butane-fueled iron and my trusty plug-in pencil iron, and worked with some of my classmates who, unlike me, maybe haven't been soldering stuff since Reagan first entered the Oval Office.

Here's Colleen, failing miserably at not grinning while I took this photo:

And here's Samantha, showing why she is indeed too cool for school, by soldering wires while wearing her shades indoors!

We wrapped up around 8:30PM, making today a loooong day. And much like after last weekend's aerial lift training, I'm similarly pleased to announce that yet again nobody was killed during our dangerous training activities.

Which made it a good day in spite of it being our 13th together!

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