Thursday, June 17, 2010

FITP: Day 9

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Today we continued setting up the sound cart and then got into working with the mics.

We set up a cardiod mic and a hyper-cardiod mic on two booms, then put a lav on Chat. He demonstrated how the sound patterns differ for each mic, and how best to utilize each mic's comparative strengths.

We also set up the video camera and did a scene from the script we'll shoot during our final week. The scene was blocked to include an actor walking about 15 feet across the set, and a boom operator needed to mic him continually.

Even though the booms are made out of lightweight materials like carbon fiber, and the mics don't weigh a pound each, when you hold the end of a 12' pole and try to keep the entire contraption from violating the video frame, you can get a little tired! Usually by the third run-through our boom-ops were getting a little shaky!

But we're learning more every day, and tomorrow looks like it'll be a technogeek's dream, when we go on a field trip to Turner Audio in Newtown to find out a bunch more about sound-related equipment.

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