Monday, June 14, 2010

FITP: Day 6

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No photos today; I was too busy learning all this good shit!

Sound Dept. instructor Chat Gunter began two weeks of intensive classroom training with nine of us sound students.

Listening to Chat teach is sort of like learning at the feet of a wise old martial arts teacher, like when Pai Mei from "Kill Bill" instructed Uma Thurman in the art of kung fu. Except he hasn't made us try to punch through a thick wood plank from three inches away.


Chat is just loading us down with incredibly useful information, presented in an entertaining way. He rarely lets a single point go by without some kind of funny comment or aside he earned from his years working on all sorts of productions.

Which is awesome. And he gives us useful rules to live by:

Rule 1 is never use the word "sorry".

Rule 2 is "there are NO stupid questions".

Which, of course, is silly, because there ARE stupid questions; previously I'd listed some here. But I decided to remove them in the interest of decorum.

Besides, we're all having a lot of fun learning this stuff, and I'd hate to ruin everything by getting tossed out of a second story window on my first day!

Okay, I gotta go and do my homework. Review the script for sound notes, and figure out what to do when shooting in a supermarket when the manager refuses to turn off the Muzak.

Hmmm....which way to the gun department? Oh wait, this isn't Alabama...they don't sell guns in supermarkets up here.

Okay, I's an image of the polar diagram of my Rode Videomic. We studied the mothafuckin' shit outta polar fuckin' diagrams today!

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